About Community High School Adazi


             The school was established in 1965 by the combined effort of the Anglican Missions of Adazi-Enu and Adazi-Ani with the aim of training it's members to be useful and literate. It was sited on a piece of land called Aguabosi jointly owned by the two communities. The school started as a commercial school. The school was later handed over to the government to the then East Central State. Since inception, the school has experienced the headship of 20 principals amongst whom are late S.N Erike, Igwebuike J.O and incumbent Lady Ezeokonkwo C.N – The first lady principal of the school.
       The school was performing very well and many years later, it recorded alot of vandalism and deterioration of school properties and facilities. The effect of the above and designation of the school ......Read More

Our Mission And Vision

  •     Our Mission is to build an exemplary, virile and peace loving college resistant to mediocrity, where morality, character formation, academic excellence and vocation skills acquisition are constantly and passionately prized by all: Teachers, Students and Stakeholders for an enjoyable and empowered tomorrow, and to do it best way possible around.
  •     Our Vision is to have a school where there is no coercion/force yet everybody excels in morality and academic excellence. A citadel with enhanced serene atmosphere conducive for molding young children to attain high moral and academic excellence and become exemplary youth of tomorrow.

School Anthem      

  • Arise O my dear friends
  • Lets join hands together.
  • And build our school.
  • C.H.S, Adazi
  • Ambassador of light
  • Pillar of excellence.
  • Great C.H.S

  • Honesty and service
  • Knowledge and discipline
  • Our noble goal
  • C.H.S Adazi
  • Ambassador of light
  • Pillar of excellence.
  • Great C.H.S

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